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Catalog marketplace

Catalog marketplace Procurement process involves various tasks including the purchase of products for a business influenced by factors such as stock availability, price, supplier evaluation and performance. The process turns complicated when it comes to the selection of right seller … Read more


Digitisation of logistics sector

Digitisation of logistics sector Logistics, one of the country’s largest sector which still runs in a traditional way. The automation of this sector which was much needed has just started. Such as blackbuck logistics which came up with an idea … Read more


GST for Logistics Sector

GST: Way forward for logistics Logistics is the sector which is believed to benefit the most from the implementation of GST. 20% of the logistics cost is to fall, says (road transport and shipping minister) Nitin Gadkari (The Economic Times). The … Read more


Input Tax Credit (ITC)

Understand ITC in layman terms…   ITC or Input Tax Credit is an efficient way to say no to doubling of taxation. The government agrees that it is not fair to tax one single product several times, so ITC came … Read more


GST for SME: fit or misfit

GST is biggest tax reforms of the country post independence, and yet a month after its’ introduction, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) which are the biggest job-creators in India, are struggling to cope up with these changes. India has about … Read more


GST: boon or bane for Agriculture

It is more like stating the obvious if said, agriculture is the most important part of the Indian economy. India, after all, is known as the land of farmers and ranks second worldwide in farm output. It is a matter … Read more

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