Flipping the coin of Maverick buying

Your choice heads or tails The trouble in cost cutting for most firms is caused by Maverick buying. This concept can be seen often in every organization and yet is ignored. Before digging deep into the concept, here are the … Read more


Catalog marketplace

Catalog marketplace Procurement process involves various tasks including the purchase of products for a business influenced by factors such as stock availability, price, supplier evaluation and performance. The process turns complicated when it comes to the selection of right seller … Read more


Input Tax Credit (ITC)

Understand ITC in layman terms…   ITC or Input Tax Credit is an efficient way to say no to doubling of taxation. The government agrees that it is not fair to tax one single product several times, so ITC came … Read more


GST for SME: fit or misfit

GST is biggest tax reforms of the country post independence, and yet a month after its’ introduction, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) which are the biggest job-creators in India, are struggling to cope up with these changes. India has about … Read more


Here Are 5 Reasons Why GST Is Unique In It’s Own Way…

France was the first country to introduce GST (in 1954), currently implemented in 106 countries in one form or the other. (economic times) The launch of GST was one of the few historically marked midnight sessions held by the parliament … Read more



‘LOGISTICS INSIGHTS’ Logistics service is a commercial activity that transfers the orders from the gate of a supplier to the door of customers. This activity includes a variety of tasks viz., material handling, packing, inventory management, warehouse management, subcontracting and … Read more

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