Chatbot use case scenarios in SCM

Many organisations across different sectors have already started automating their customer service using chatbots.

Chatbot use case scenarios in SCM:

  • When it comes to the exceptions that customers encounter, like shipped products where their deliveries are not similar, the chatbot can handle reclamations and error processes automatically. And if the customer wants, they can switch to a customer service representative anytime, who can continue the chat from where the bot stopped.
  • A SCM professional in need of specific information with little or no time can interact with a supply chain chatbot. The bot might ask a few questions to establish context, and then can fetch the information from the database and respond in text and/or rich media formats.
  • An employee needs to urgently upskill. A supply chain chatbot which is a 24-hour tutor is online and provides quick answers to common questions, instantly, patiently and accurately.

Simply put, bots comprise of few elements:

  • A content source (from a need to get or achieve something)
  • An ability to arrive at a meaning and a channel like messaging platforms (Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.) or email/text, or applications that can take care of the input and display of the conversation
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), in the form of language understanding processes
  • Lastly integration that is needed to communicate with systems (ERP, databases, ECM, CRM, etc.) to receive or publish the required information and present it to the human.

As business complexity and global competition increase, and consumer loyalty becomes more tenuous, more and more companies are adopting digital technology to gain operational efficiency.

Supply chain bots systematise visibility and agility by leveraging conventional interfaces to equip employees to complete tasks like purchase order creation and time entry. With multiple screens within core SAP systems, employees spend lot of time going back and forth between screens to complete tasks. Bots can break down these walls to let them complete tasks within SAP in the same way that they communicate with their co-workers. This translates into more efficiency, lower costs, new opportunities and improved profitability.

Many organisations across different sectors have already started automating their customer service using chatbots. Using AI bots not only allows companies to provide cost-efficient services 24/7, but opens up new opportunities to share information with customers using images, videos, maps, and other multimedia content.

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