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Success Story:

A mid-sized engineering components manufacturing company delivers quality engineering components and assemblies to industrial product manufacturers and OEMs by manufacture or procure, under strict cost control norms. It has over 20-years of design and manufacturing experience to cater to their customer needs. It specialises in Aluminium machined components, completely machined metal components, castings and sub-assemblies.


While the supplier was working towards minimising rejection, the challenge they were facing was identification of the critical defects and accordingly developing the respective processes to minimise the same.


In order to build the skills required for the company’s strategic transformation, the management recognised the need to establish a new learning initiative.

The Supplier Skill Builder (SSB) e-learning programme was hence taken up by them. Within the programme, under the Quality Management module, is a session on 7 QC Tools which not only explains the application but has real time data-based exercises to be performed and is explained in detail by our faculty.

The experienced quality team on the quality operations front got most of the lesson on 7 QC Tools, of which the Pareto Analysis concept became the game changer and propelled the team to identify the critical issue and accordingly attack the same.

Initially, the team was putting 80% effort on the defect which probably constituted 20% of the actual problem. With the use of the Pareto concept they were able to focus on the core 20% of the critical defect that contributed to 80% of the problem.


Defects which were critical to QCD were attacked and resolved bringing down the overall rejection levels with process change skills from the team.

MetaCog Solutions content that includes videos, infographics, and tools, focuses on integrating learning and work, ensuring that the learning is relevant and actionable.


Interpretation of defect rate using Pareto concept.


Mid-level engineers across the company. Portfolios included mid-level executives from Operations.

Offering Used:

Supplier Skill Builder (SSB) programme from MetaCog Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Trained on Pareto Analysis Tool
  • This was instrumental in facilitating clear identification of the problem area
  • Process improvement methods were identified
  • Successful identification of core defects was achieved
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