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A large original equipment manufacturer in the Mining & Construction Equipment sector who have heavy engineering products in their portfolio.


The spare parts management function therefore, was a critical business function that impacted customer service and customer satisfaction. This as we know, if not managed well, could result in significant inventory and obsolescence costs for the organisation. The challenge then was to upskill senior members of the Spare Parts business in the mining and construction vertical, to help them reduce inventory of spares in their regions.


In order to build the skills required for the company’s strategic transformation, the management recognised the need to establish a new learning initiative.

The certification programme on Spare Parts Management was hence taken up by them. This course equips working professionals to carry out responsibilities of a regional parts manager and effectively manage the spare parts business for a given region.

Within the programme, along with the Spare Parts Management Systems and Demand and Inventory Planning, topics which are given emphasis, was the Obsolescence Management module which played a key role in the results that followed.


Implementation resulted in Inventory reduction with savings on inventory holding costs. Implementation of 5S in stores resulted in categorisation and localisation of pick up items based on the type of spares ordered, leading to reduction in delivery lead time, which in turn lead to improved customer service.

MetaCog Solutions content that includes videos, infographics, and tools, focuses on integrating learning and work, ensuring that the learning is relevant and actionable with training methodology that delivers measurable benefits.


Reduction of Inventory of spares across regions.


Senior Management & Middle Management Executives from various regions.

Offering Used:

ASDC Certification in Spare Parts Management programme from MetaCog Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Considerable reduction in inventory in stores
  • Resulted in savings on Inventory Holding Costs
  • Categorisation and localisation of pick up items based on type of spares ordered
  • Resulted in reduction in delivery lead time leading to improved customer service
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