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A 20 plus years old components manufacturer and supplier in the automotive sector.


A low volume high value component was impacting customer satisfaction. This as we know, if not managed well, can result in significant rejection costs for the organisation. The challenge then was to identify the problem and empower members of the Quality and Production team to help them identify and rectify the problem.


In order to build the skills required for the company’s strategic transformation, the management recognised the need to establish a new learning initiative. The scope of work for MCS here was to guide them through a defect reduction procedure. First, a rigorous audit was performed across systems, processes and documents that led to identification of the problem areas.

A short term process improvement was hence taken up by them. This engagement was to equip the team to analyse and rectify the gap in the quality control process.


Implementation resulted in a change of processes, tolerance levels, inspection procedures and re-design of few gauges and fixtures. All of these led to reduction in rejection rate over a period of three months and a significant saving in rejection costs to the company.

MetaCog Solutions content that includes videos, infographics, and tools, focuses on integrating learning and work, ensuring that the learning is relevant and actionable with training methodology that delivers measurable benefits.


Quality Variation on a high value low volume component leading to rejection.


Quality and Production Team.

Offering Used:

A process improvement engagement was undertaken by MetaCog Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


An audit conducted as a part of the engagement helped in identification of issues like:

  • Rectification required in the range of tolerance kept for a process.
  • Inspection being performed very late in the production cycle leading to error in identification of parts on a real time basis.
  • Improper design of fixtures.
  • Supplier production process revision was required for sub-components.
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