Digitisation of logistics sector

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Digitisation of logistics sector

Logistics, one of the country’s largest sector which still runs in a traditional way. The automation of this sector which was much needed has just started. Such as blackbuck logistics which came up with an idea of online logistics business, IOT (Internet Of Things) got in the market as a solution to connectivity and clarity problems in the logistics sector, Global green (Thapar Group) one of the companies which implemented digitization in form of tracking shipment remote controlled by an android phone. But there is much to come yet.

An integration of IOT or internet of things & ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for logistics department, a well-built software system to keep the logistics sector organized. The awesomeness of this incredible connectivity is beyond imagination. One can know every detail of his shipment including the location, temperature of the vehicle in which the goods are being shipped, and all other details. This will add value to the automation of the logistics sector.

The online logistics business is a great step towards the betterment to one of the world’s largest sector. “Blackbuck is revolutionizing freight by making it a seamless experience for shippers and fleet operators. We make the process of getting trucks at the best price and tracking of the shipments easy for shippers, and help fleet operators in ensuring optimal utilization and effective management of their fleet.” This is what says the Blackbuck’s website and is enough to know the benefits of digitizing logistics. Also, drones are acting as a support to this digitization.

A business which allows 3PLs to get customers online, complete details of the fleet online and provides navigation facility to the driver along with the timely update to owners in form of current location of the truck. It is like dealing with a huge business, a laptop in one hand and money in other. Yet, we are way behind rest of the world where a warehouse company uses a mobile, picking robot for its comfort.

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  1. Darryl

    Interesting article. This is the future that logistics are inevitably heading to.

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