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E-Learning during Social Distancing

These are extraordinary times. We are all seeking quick and decisive measures to overcome the sudden void left by the worldwide shutdown. The most affected function during the lockdown is supply chain. The world is suddenly still, but people have to live, medicines and essentials have to be manufactured and delivered. Jobs are at stake; the economy is struggling to crawl. Universities are closed. Students are immobile. Working professionals are staring at lay-offs, furloughs and recession.

What now? What’s next? How to convert this catastrophe into an opportunity, an opportunity to learn something new, an opportunity to upgrade your skills within the comforts of your home? When the world is back on its feet, you should be equipped not just to stand, but to sprint.

With social distancing slowly becoming the new normal, we are all surprised at how much time we have on hand. One of the best ways to be productive now is to explore the boundless platform of distance learning. Choose from a plethora of online courses available in every trade, be it information technology, accounting & finance, supply chain, operations management, manufacturing, service management. Students can acquire knowledge about current trends in their chosen topics and working professionals can either hone up their existing skills with advanced courses, or acquire new skillsets. Companies can use this period as a window to fast-track their L&D function through online trainings and workshops for their employees.

We at MetaCog, have a catalogue of certificate courses that fits into every purse and need in the world of supply chain. From International Diploma on Supply Chain Management (IDSCM) to Certificate Courses on Procurement, Sourcing, Automotive Supplier Skill Builder, Advanced Quality Management, Logistics, Material Management, the list goes on. Our subsequent posts will introduce you to our courses tailored for different functions and communities.

Our certification partners include Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM) and Automotive Skill Development Council (ASDC).

Come, let’s learn and skill India.

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