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Social Media Participation Guidelines

The following guidelines describe corporate, private and individual participation in social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, personal blogs, forums, YouTube, Flickr etc. for MetaCog Solutions employees, stakeholders, and partner. If your job requires you to be a MetaCog Solutions representative in social media channels and you have questions, or you want to establish social media channels on behalf of MetaCog Solutions or its subsidiaries, contact us by sending a mail to info@metacogsolutions.com.

These guidelines are intended to assist you in your use of social media tools as an individual. Please be aware that nothing in the use of these tools changes your responsibilities and obligations as an employee of MetaCog Solutions. MetaCog Solutions and its employees or representatives are required to act ethically, and it is every employee’s obligation to review and understand Indian MetaCog Solutions’s Code of Business Conduct, our communications policy, and their confidentiality obligations in other policies, such as the Security Policy.Social media channels such as (micro) blogging, video and photo sharing, forums, virtual worlds, opinion markets and collaboration environments represent an opportunity to facilitate conversation with all of our constituents regarding the enterprise software industry and our place in it. MetaCog Solutions provides these social media guidelines to help employees or representatives participate within social media channels safely, and with minimum personal liability.These guidelines reflect the principles that MetaCog Solutions employees or representatives should follow when engaging in online communication. They are intended to provide you with an understanding of both the proper and improper uses of social computing in an effort to make your conversations and interactions as rich as possible. At all times, MetaCog Solutions employees or representatives must obey their local laws and adhere to local legal and ethical regulations. Nevertheless, as online communication is global in nature, other laws and regulations may also be applicable to your communication. Any direct communication to analysts, the financial market and/or members of the media must be conducted only through MetaCog Solutions overseen by the Senior Management. The following set of guidelines only pertains to your personal statements in any online media. Please be aware that, although MetaCog Solutions is providing you with these guidelines, the overall and final legal responsibility for any statement made by you will reside with you personally. Therefore, you should exercise caution and thoughtfulness to statements you make online.

Personal Spaces On Social Media Channels

You are free to set up any blog, space or other area within the given framework of the terms provided by the host of such spaces (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc). Please contact MetaCog Solutions whenever you intend to use “MetaCog Solutions” as any part of the name or URL to avoid confusion with official MetaCog Solutions communication. Any personal space should have a clear disclaimer that it is not an official space of MetaCog Solutions.The following template may be used for this purpose: “This [Blog, Space …] is the personal [Blog, Space …] of [Name] and only contains my personal views, thoughts and opinions. It is not endorsed by MetaCog Solutions nor does it constitute any official communication on behalf of MetaCog Solutions.”