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Tooling Module has been launched in the supplier portal on 4th November, 2019. Rane (Madras) Limited insists the usage of the module effectively and promptly.


Gowri Kailasam


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I take privilege in addressing you all through this portal. I get immense pleasure while talking to suppliers and it is an opportunity for me to address you all.

You are aware that over the years, RML has worked, supported, guided you in various aspects and the results are encouraging.

Training of suppliers is an important activity and RML has taken one step forward to spread the knowledge to the entire supplier base through web learning.

During our supplier meet, we spoke about migrating from class room training to web based training to overcome the difficulties which are faced by both of us which are:

  1. Our resources are getting constrained
  2. You could not attend due to priorities
  3. Learnings could not be implemented as the trained persons leaves the organisation
  4. Only limited people are trained.

I insist that all of you should make use of this web based learning platform and as communicated in our supplier meet this will be our training methodology. It is a wonderful way for you to enhance the knowledge of your employees and meet the business requirement.

We are planning to launch many more modules through this platform which are most important for RML’s business and suppliers who meet those requirements alone can travel along with us.

I wish you all the best for the “Enriched knowledge gaining” platform. Good luck.


Vice President, Materials

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Training of suppliers is an important activity and after benchmarking various institutions and with technology improvement, we at RML also would like to use the technology to enhance our training process.

In line with that, we have initiated web based “learning and development” in which all suppliers will be given a login and training topics are uploaded in the PPT format with a lecturer presenting the content with live examples.


The advantages are:

  1. Any number of participants can learn
  2. Any number of times the topics can be viewed
  3. Mentor visits supplier premises to clarify doubts
  4. Quizzes are conducted for evaluation
  5. CEO can track complete history of quality time spent by each person, topics logged in etc.

The topics that are covered are:

  1. 4M change management
  2. Safe launch for new development
  3. 8D approach
  4. Problem solving techniques
  5. IATF requirements

As insisted by our President, we urge all suppliers to get enrolled into the web learning module and get benefitted.

For enrollment, please choose below Programmes and click Register Now or contact

Mr. Nagarajan – Manager STA 9500028868

Mr. Nishanth

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