Trends that are making businesses incorporate a green supply chain

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An article written by the executive director of the Rainforest Alliance – a global not-for-profit organisation that works in areas related to biodiversity and sustainability – emphasises on the crucial need for businesses to widely integrate sustainability into their supply chains.

At a leadership summit held in New York in May, 2015, several stakeholders gathered to trace the various trends that are currently making organisations focus on green supply chain management.

Some of these trends include: shifting consumer preferences, particularly in emerging economies, who demand high quality, sustainable products; the transformation of the role played by sustainability from a narrow emissions-related function to that of a broader role in marketing and leadership decisions; the inclusion of sustainability as the primary concern in an organisation’s priorities, in order to ensure “sustainable supply chains”, and integrating the same with allied environmental and social goals.

Other trends include the requirement of a reliable supply of good quality products, as well as rethinking communication methodologies: for example, by providing platforms for increased engagement and networking between a variety of stakeholders such as governments, experts, academics and consumers.

The several examples listed in this article illustrate how businesses are making use of the above trends to develop corporate strategies that are consistent and beneficial to an organisation’s growth as well as towards ensuring consumer satisfaction.

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