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  • Improve quality and compliance to processes
  • Improve on-time delivery
  • Reduce cost

Our Skill Builder solution will help you do just that.

We offer comprehensive Skill Building Solutions that address:
  1. Compliance to IATF standards
  2. Problem-solving Techniques
  3. Planning and Production Management
  4. Cost Management
  5. Team building, communication and leadership
  1. Supervisors
  2. Team members in Production and Quality
  3. Management
  1. Your team can produce higher quality products
  2. Trained people have higher job satisfaction and lower attrition
  3. Your company can grow, as customers are looking for dependable suppliers
  4. Higher quality, lower cost of quality can improve your margins
  1. Current training approaches are cumbersome
  2. Lack of qualified trainers
  3. Cost of training
  4. Attrition and loss of trained manpower
  1. Indian automotive industry is growing
  2. Tier-1 OEMs are growing and wish to outsource more production to suppliers
  3. Opportunity to increase market share and profitability
  1. Comprehensive training covering all key functions
  2. Rich content, expert instructors
  3. On-demand training, small batch sizes
  4. Cost-effective, continuous learning solution

List of Programmes

Advanced Quality Planning - I (Automotive)

Advanced Quality Planning - II (Automotive)

Inventory Management Essentials

Manufacturing Data Management Essentials

Production Management Essentials - I

Production Management Essentials - II

Quality Control: Structured Problem Solving

Quality Management Essentials

Statistical Quality Control

Stores Management

Purchase Management

Process Audit

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